Cut the cr@p for a sustainable Christmas.

Jan 12, 2021

Christmas. The one time of year it’s acceptable to go completely Extra in every conceivable way – from presents to decorating to eating ALL the pie. But is it really neccessary to spend that much money, to buy that many presents and to end up with that much waste? Is there a way to be Festively Extra and come out of the Christmas period with more money and less waste?

Why, yes! And it’s not that hard.




Use the power of your Pound this Christmas to cast your vote for what kind of world you want to live in. Do you want to support the manufacturing of cheap plastic in China or do you want to support local brands that are Organic, Fair Trade, Plastic Free, Cruelty Free and Sustainable.

One of the reasons I started Lola & Wild was because of all the time I was spending shopping around at different places looking for sustainable, natural, plastic free and cruelty free alternatives for my usual shop. I wanted to bring together everything you need, from toiletries to cleaning products to luxury skincare, in one place and to be sure that all the products are fully sustainable and are created by companies with a similar ethos to us, so you can be sure everything we stock is 100% fair, cruelty free and truly eco-friendly.



Most wrapping paper can’t be recycled as it contains some form of plastic, foil, or glitter. Why not make your own gift wrap. You can use anything thing to glam up your homemade wrap: fabric offcuts, kraft paper and stamps, newspaper and jute string to dried orange slices – and it all can be recycled or composted!

If you don’t fancy making your own, we have put together recycled and recyclable gift wrap alternatives, including hand print kraft gift wrap, compostable paper tape and recycled eco cards which include a seed stick with each card.



The old saying ‘when you buy from a small business, someone does a happy dance’ is true! The money stays in the local economy and keeps our high streets independent and alive, as opposed to lining the pockets of high paid executives. We are proud to support so many small brands that create exceptional products with the highest quality ingredients and sustainable packaging. We know how much easier it would be for them to choose the route of cheap, unsustainable, plastic packaging and low quality ingredients to increase their bottom line. But they don’t, because each of the companies we support are changing the world with their products, their practices and their people.

When you buy from local, sustainable companies you are creating a demand for eco-friendly businesses and giving them a voice to make the change that the planet needs.




It’s been a tough old year and many of us will feel it in the pocket this Christmas. What better time to get creative and make gifts and decorations! Make something you know someone will love and make use of, especially if you have those sentimantal loved ones in your life who will far prefer your homemade ceramic plant pot (lopsided or not) than a supermarket gift. For those who are not creatively inclined and don’t know where to start – well, that’s what pinterest is for! You can even get create in the kitchen if that’s your thinkg. Bake a cake or make some beautifully packaged biscuits as gifts for friends.

Go one step further and create your own Christmas crackers using loo rolls and fabric offcuts – you can add a small, personal handmade gift or note inside each one! Forage for berries, plants, leaves, pieces of wood and you can use them to make your own decorations and wreathes. Stick with natural materials and your decorations can be composted after Christmas! There are plenty of YouTube tutorials about how to make your own decorations – and if they don’t turn out quite as you’d planned, just cover them in fairy lights. Everything looks better with fairy lights!




One mans trash is another mans treasure. Charity shops can be absolute treasure troves of amazing finds and great deals. Looking for cheesy Christmas jumpers? Looking for original label clothing? Looking for toys? Visit your local charity shops or shop on the Gumtree or Ebay and bag yourself a bargain!




Just say no to novelty gifts that provide 5 minutes fun and then end up in landfill. I’m personally not a fan of ‘stocking fillers’ as they tend to be things that are bought for the sake of buying and not things that the person may actually want or need, (and an unwanted gift is a waste of money) so if you are buying stocking fillers then make sure you only buy things that person will actually like, use and need. Reusable items like insulated coffee cups, coffee filters or string shopper bags mean that their gift will be around for a long time! One thoughtful item will always win over heaps of unwanted gifts. Quality over quantity!



Or instead of buying stuff, look for experiences instead. A national trust membership, an experience day out or even arranging a special picnic lunch all provide memories which are worth their weight in gold.

Wherever the festive season takes you this year, Lola & Wild wishes you a safe, happy, joyful and green Christmas xxx


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