Fall in love with your skin this Autumn!

Oct 21, 2021

Our October Guest Blog is written for us by the lovely ladies behind the multi-award winning skincare brand: Rosalena Bio Active Skincare. As the seasons change, so does our skin and this blog explains how beneficial face oils are and help us to fall in love with our skin no matter the weather!  ***Receive a free sample of the Rosalena Cleansing Balm worth £14 when you purchase one of the Rosalena Bio Active Facial Oils during October & November***

Why oils?

Our skin is our largest organ; our first line of defence against our environment, be that temperature changes, UV light or pollution. Our skin is also how we greet the world, with glowing, healthy skin being the ultimate aim. As the seasons transition, our skin can suffer as the lipid barrier is disrupted and this can lead to all sorts of skin reactions such as irritations, sensitivities, dryness and dehydration, break-outs and acne as well as lacklustre complexions.

If we go back to basics, the lipid barrier is like the cement holding the bricks in a wall together. The job of the lipid barrier is to keep moisture in, and bacteria and other external irritants out. When the lipid barrier is in good health and working optimally, skin is plump, glowy, healthy and springy – think of a new-born baby! Naturally, our lipid barrier function decreases with age. Additionally, environment, diet, hormones are all examples of other factors that can affect the lipid barrier.

The good news, however, is that there is a lot within our control when it comes to protecting the all-important lipid barrier and skincare is a key one. Most notably, Face Oils made with specific, natural plant ingredients, is one brilliant way to protect the lipid barrier, and this is especially important as we transition out of summer to the cooler Autumn/Winter months:

Superior Hydration
In a nutshell, oils are next level when it comes to hydrating skin. Most face creams sit on the surface of the skin without feeding the deeper layers.

Our face oils penetrate through the skins layers into the dermis and deliver with them, oil-soluble, skin-loving vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids – nourishing skin intensely from within.

Most skincare regimes focus mainly on cleansing and moisturising; bioactive skincare goes beyond this, using ingredients with potent active properties, which have a positive dermatological effect on the skin. We use bioactive compounds throughout our range to further enhance the efficacy of our products, which means each product delivers tangible results, naturally.

Better absorption
Our 100% natural face oils effectively lock in moisture, strengthening the outer layer of skin (the epidermis), softening and sealing it to prevent further moisture loss. The powerful bio-actives in our formulas work at a cellular level to boost
long-term skin health and condition. Skin stays better hydrated for longer and looks glowing and radiant.

All skin types
Contrary to what you might expect, oils aren’t greasy and work well on oily skin. But like our blends, skincare must be carefully tailored around the individual. There are some products we recommend for more sensitive, oily or break-out prone skin.

Self-care skincare
Efficacy is paramount but feeling good is important too. We want the experience of using our oils to be as beautiful as the results you see in your skin.

Our products smell incredible. Because they’re made from essential oils, they bring sensory benefits too. So, when you apply Rosalena, it’s like a little massage giving you a moment of self-love. And just as a car uses the most petrol when it changes gear, so do we. Transitions can be challenging, so some dedicated self-care through skincare will smooth the journey, boosting wellbeing, fortifying more than just your lipid barrier!

Fall in love this Autumn with our lipid barrier nurturing face oils and for the months of October & November, you will receive a free sample of our cleansing balm worth £14 – because cleansing is another important factor in our skincare routine when it comes to lipid barrier function. Too often we strip the skin of the essential moisture in the quest for squeaky clean skin – which compromises the lipid barrier. Our balm has been designed for gentle, skin-loving cleansing that doesn’t harm the precious barrier – and used with our one of our award-winning face oils – it is the perfect antidote to seasonal skin transitions.

Kind to skin & self.

Explore our Face Oils here. 

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