Natural, organic, sustainable skincare for healthy, glowing skin.

Lola & Wild have everything you need for a natural, healthy, plastic free & cruelty free skincare routine.

We believe in skincare that is not only natural, organic and effective, but also truly sustainable. This means that we only source our natural skincare products from ethical & sustainable brands with eco values, circular practices and have a proven record of sustainability. Natural, organic face and skin products are so important as they are gentle on our skin (and planet!) and use the power of plants as opposed to harsh chemicals to effectively & naturally cleanse, nourish, moisturise and treat various skin conditions. We have brought together a large collection of eco-friendly, organic, vegan & ethical facial and skincare products which are tried and tested (by ourselves and others!) including natural face cleansers, plant-based toners, organic balms, plastic free moisturisers and zero waste body wash.

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Say no to single use plastic skincare!

The majority of our products are 100% plastic free and we do not stock single use plastics. Many of our suppliers are completely plastic free companies and others are working towards this goal (for example, some sustainable products may have reusable plastic pumps). The reason we choose to supply only plastic free products is that only around 9% of recyclable plastic products actually end up being recycled so we know the zero-waste skin care route is better for the environment. All the toiletries we provide are eco-friendly, reusable & plastic free to help you reduce your plastic waste. Delivered to your door in 100% plastic free packaging.

Natural, plant-based ingredients only!

Any skincare brand can put their products in a green bottle and make it look ‘natural’ but just read the ingredients list to see that so often this is not the case. We only stock products from sustainable, transparent skin care brands who use truly natural, organic ingredients – you won’t find harsh or toxic chemicals here! The power of plant-based face and skin care is clear to see in some of the most popular, effective natural skincare brands (such as Evolve Organic Skincare, Upcircle Beauty, White Rabbit Skincare & Rosalena Bio-Active Skincare) who’s multi award winning vegan, bio-active formulas are used to treat a range of skin care concerns, naturally and organically.

Vegan & cruelty free!

Lola & Wild are passionate about nature and wildlife and we do not stock products from any brands who test on animals. The vast majority of our products are vegan (some contain bee’s wax) and are from vegan brands so you can be sure your beauty routine is 100% cruelty free. Many of our brands are Leaping Bunny Certified.

Sustainable & ethical skin care – guaranteed!

Lola & Wild only source products from companies with proven ethical and sustainable practices. We love to support small, independent companies and companies who are transparent in their ethical practices so that you can be sure your products are truly ethical and sustainable.

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