Amazinc Mineral Shield Sunblock SPF50 - 17.5g

Amazinc Mineral Shield Sunblock SPF50 - 17.5g


Why we love it!


  • Natural, safe & effective sun protection - SPF50
  • Popular with surfers and water sports enthusiasts as it's highly water resistant!
  • Harmless to the planet, ocean & marine life
  • Plastic free & Nano free
  • Sustainable & ethically sourced



  • Amazinc Mineral Shield uses a mixture of minerals to provide natural, sustainable and effective sun protection that is gentle to our skin and causes no harm to the Earth, the oceans or marine life.


    This basic zinc sunblock is easy to apply and remove, yet highly water resistant. The mixture of  Zinc Oxide, Magnesium Oxide and Kaolin provides functional, nature friendly and sustainab