Croll & Denecke Massage Brush with Coconut Bristles

Croll & Denecke Massage Brush with Coconut Bristles


Why we love it!


  • Perfect natural exfoliator
  • Natural, eco-friendly and sustainable materials
  • Bamboo with coconut bristles
  • Rope for easy hanging



  • This body massage brush from Croll & Denecke is a great addition to your plastic-free bathroom. It's made from natural eco-friendly and sustainable materials - bamboo with coconut bristles and is a perfect natural exfoliator, scrubbing away dead and damaged skin cells and improving circulation. The massage brush is strong but lightweight and comes with a rope for easy hanging. All of Croll & Denecke's products are vegan friendly and ethically sourced.


    How to use:

    Use to scrub in a sweeping circular motion all over your body. Can be used as a dry brush or with soap and water.



    Recyclable paper label

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