Hydrophil Loofah Soap Cushion

Hydrophil Loofah Soap Cushion



Why we love it!

  • Perfect plastic free place for your soap to dry out!
  • Allows water and soap residues to simply drain away
  • made from renewable resources
  • 100 % biodegradable
  • Organic cotton label & FSC certified packaging



  • With the Hydrophil soap cushion your favourite soap has a new plastic free place to dry out. The naturally porous struggle of the loofah sponge allows water and soap residues to simply drain away, so you soap dries quickly.



    The soap cushions are made by hand from the loofah gourd. The plants are grown under controlled conditions and, of course, no pesticides are used.


    Before use:

    Before using for the first time let the Loofah soap cushion swell under water to allow it to expand and become really permeable to air.

    Simply lay your soap or your solid shampoo on the soap holder after use to let it dry out.


    Care instructions:

    Your soap cushion can be boiled at up to 120 degrees. Please do to clean in the washing machine.


    About Hydrophil:

    Hydrophil’s commitment to fair pay

    “Above all, all work deserves fair pay. Consequently, we are thoroughly convinced about this. In order to ensure this, we keep a very close eye on the value-added chain.”

    Hydrophil’s commitment to water neutral products

    Most importantly, Hydrophil conserves water when making their products. Besides, the natural raw materials and ingredients used
    by them grow without almost any artificial irrigation. In addition they do not pollute drinking or ground water.

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