Turtle Dove Gift Wrap Sheet | 100% Recycled | 50cm x 70cm

Turtle Dove Gift Wrap Sheet | 100% Recycled | 50cm x 70cm



Why we love it!


  • 100% Recycled and fully recyclable
  • Beautiful, original, festive Turtle Dove design
  • Large 50cm x 70cm size
  • Made in the UK



  • A beautiful kraft paper Turtle Dove gift wrap sheet. This wrapping paper is hand printed, using a traditional roller technique, to create a truly unique product. The design features a gorgeous festive print of turtle doves amidst foliage. Perfect for special festive gift wrapping!


    Eco Credentials

    The floral gift wrap is made from 100% recycled paper, and printed using only water-based paint. Better still, the paper is also 100% recyclable, so, after the lucky recipient has unwrapped their gifts they’ll be able to put their gift wrap straight in the recycling. And if you use eco-friendly tape, they won’t even need to remove the tape beforehand!



    Each sheet measures 50cm x 70cm / 19.5″ x 27.5″, and is made from high quality 90gsm kraft paper.


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