Reusable Food Wraps | BeeBee Wraps | Natural & Plastic Free | Mixed Size Pack | Wheat Print


Why we love it!

  • Perfect alternative to plastic food wraps
  • Natural and reusable food wraps
  • Made from beeswax and organic cotton
  • Printed with gorgeous  contemporary designs
  • Includes three wraps sizes – 33 x 33 cm, 26 x 26 cm, 18 x 18 cm
  • Use for covering dishes, sandwiches, bread, cheese, picnics, school lunches etc!

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BeeBee Wraps are natural and reusable food wraps, made from beeswax and organic cotton printed with contemporary designs. Replacing clingfilm and plastic with BeeBee is as easy as Wrap, Eat, Wash, Repeat.

The BeeBee Wraps Mixed Pack includes three wraps sizes – 33 x 33 cm, 26 x 26 cm, 18 x 18 cm.

These beautifully designed wraps are incredible easy to use and versatile! They can be used for covering dishes, sandwiches, bread, cheese, picnics, school lunches and anything else that you would usually use tupperware or clingfilm for.


Why BeeBee Wraps?

‘We believe that ‘eco products’ should be as beautiful as any other and well made, robust solutions aimed at not only the ardent ‘eco warrior’ but also the discerning food lover. Whilst cutting down on plastic, they also extend the life of food and preserve in a more natural, breathable way. Team BeeBee creates engaging and contemporary wraps that feel good to use, appeal to your sense of style and are uncompromisingly hard working for you and your food.’


How to use

Using warm hands BeeBee Wraps are shaped around food and bowls creating a breathable seal which keeps food fresher than when in plastic. Wash in cold, soapy water and drip dry then reuse again and again. With love BeeBee Wraps will last a year, then you can use as a firelighter on your BBQ or simply compost. Reducing food waste, cutting plastic pollution and saving the planet!


3 B’s of BeeBee

The best way to remember why they’re so good are the three B’s of BeeBee:

  • Back to nature product – returns to earth leaving no trace
  • Better than plastic – keeps food fresher than plastic
  • Beautiful not boring – we don’t think the eco-alternative should be a compromise


Sustainability and impact

Sustainability and positive impact is crucial to BeeBee Wraps. They pledge to always use the most planet friendly fabric, which currently is GOTS certified organic cotton, and all of their beeswax is British. BeeBee wraps are plastic free and delivered without any plastic packaging.