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Gizzls 100% Natural Dog Treats For Calming


Why we love it!

  • 100% Natural ingredients
  • Can help to calm stressed dogs
  • Locally sourced, sustainable ingredients that are nutritionally complete
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable packaging
  • Contains no animal by-products, meals, corn, wheat nor anything artificial


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The perfect treat to help calm stressed dogs. A delicious peanut butter biscuit packed with natural adaptogens to help reduce stress responses in the mind and body. Think vet trips, fireworks, thunderstorms or being home alone.


What’s in it?

Organic Peanut Butter: Delicious protein, packed with heart healthy nutrients.
Ashwaghanda: Works at a molecular level & reduces the stress responses in the mind & body.
Passionflower: Keeps levels of serotonin & dopamine high in the body. Supports the natural calming pathways within the nervous system.
Skullcap: Provides relief for stressed & restless dogs. Helps the body cope with stressful situations.
Turmeric & Black Pepper: A potent antioxidant which helps prevent oxidative stress.
Omega-3 Fish Oil (with EPA & DHA): Helps reduce anxiety, depression & hyperactivity. Promotes a shiny, healthy coat & skin.


Why Gizzls?

At Gizzls, we believe that your pet’s health and comfort should always come first. Our Botanicals range was developed to provide natural remedies to reduce dogs’ discomforts, without the nasty side effects of traditional prescription drugs. We’ve combined the powers of healing herbs with *Adaptogens to create solutions to help our furry friends live their best possible lives. Hand baked with either peanut butter or ostrich, our natural and healthy treats for dogs are just so temptingly tasty – your pooch will love them!

*Adaptogens are amazing little herbs that bring balance to the body and are seen as the superheroes of the herbal world. They help to increase stamina, strengthen the immune system and improve the ability to withstand and recover from physical and emotional stress.



Gizzls is dedicated to ensuring all pets lead a happy, healthy life, and we can’t do that without protecting the environment that they (and we) live in. We are committed to creating healthy, sustainable pet treats without greenwashing. We use locally sourced, sustainable ingredients that are nutritionally complete and use eco-friendly, recyclable packaging for all our ranges. 100% natural. P, be it preservatives, colours or flavours, will ever find their way into our products.
The meat is sourced locally at an EU-approved farm to ensure it’s not only free-range, but also sustainable, ethically sourced and free from hormones and antibiotics.
The vegetables and fruits are sourced from local community gardens that don‘t use pesticides. Hypoallergenic. All ranges are grain and gluten free.
Gizzls is commited to employing a diverse workforce that is committed, engaged, performing well, always learning, satisfied with their jobs and provides a healthy work-life balance.


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