Chamomile Herbal Loose Leaf Tea | Herb Heaven Devon | Natural & Plastic Free | 30g


Why we love it!

  • Herbs to soothe anxious nerves and promote sleep
  • Naturally grown and handpicked in Devon
  • Caffeine free
  • Vegan
  • Plastic free packaging

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RELAXING, soothes anxious nerves and promoting sleep. We chose these herbs not just because they work great together and promote feelings of calm but also because they taste great. Camomile is very delicate and fragrant, lavender is fuller and stronger. This Herbal tea is caffeine free and a great way to end the day and may help to give you a good nights sleep.

Always best to check with your health professional.

Pouch-Resealable 30g Pouch (20-30 Cups) can be used as a refill for the jars.


Why Herb Heaven Devon?

Welcome to Herb Heaven Devon, a heavenly place where herbs and all sorts of medicinal plants grow naturally.We followed our hearts and it took us all over Devon and Cornwall, only to come right back where we started our journey and to where our ancestors were born, ​Herb heaven Devon is a Small piece of land nestled in the South Hams, surrounded by a fresh water stream, with many beautiful mature trees and wild flowers, where we happily share this space with many local birds and wild creatures. We grow over100 different herbs at our herb farm in South Devon, a good range of culinary and medicinal herbs. We practice low impact, sustainable and innovative farming. Providing fresh herb plants and cut herbs as well as artisan products such as herbal teas that not only support health but taste delicious too.’



Chamomile (50%) Lavender (45%) Rose Petals (5%)


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