Herb Heaven Devon Herbal Tea | Herbal Detox


Why we love it!

  • A beautiful detoxing tea, good for the mind, body & spirit
  • Naturally grown and handpicked in Devon
  • Caffeine free
  • Vegan
  • Plastic free packaging
  • Reusable / refillable jar


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New for 2021! Launching this tea on a New Moon.

Detoxing the mind, body and Spirit is an ancient ritual, we know deep down it makes sense. Cleansing the skin, detoxes the body and clears the mind, all of which is good for the soul.

Serve it hot or iced, sweetened or unsweetened and with or without lemon. From seed to cup, most of our herbs and flowers are grown by us, hand picked, hand blended and hand packed. Where additional herbs are required we source from local like minded businesses.

Always best to check with your health professional.

Jar-Reusable air tight Jar (20-30 cups)


Why Herb Heaven Devon?

Welcome to Herb Heaven Devon, a heavenly place where herbs and all sorts of medicinal plants grow naturally.We followed our hearts and it took us all over Devon and Cornwall, only to come right back where we started our journey and to where our ancestors were born, ​Herb heaven Devon is a Small piece of land nestled in the South Hams, surrounded by a fresh water stream, with many beautiful mature trees and wild flowers, where we happily share this space with many local birds and wild creatures. We grow over100 different herbs at our herb farm in South Devon, a good range of culinary and medicinal herbs. We practice low impact, sustainable and innovative farming. Providing fresh herb plants and cut herbs as well as artisan products such as herbal teas that not only support health but taste delicious too.’



Blend contains 10 amazing herbs, Chamomile, Catnip, Elderflower, Peppermint, Skullcap, Yarrow, Nettle, Rosehip, Milk Thistle and Rose petals.