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Natural Bathroom Cleaning Concentrate | Zero Waste Club | Vegan | Makes 1 Litre


Why we love it!

  • Each 50ml bottles makes 1 litre
  • Good bacteria & enzymes effectively dissolving dirt & grime
  • Vegan and 100% biodegradable
  • Plant based bio-degradable natural dyes
  • Eco packaging

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If you are looking to reduce the plastic waste and nasty chemicals in your bathroom, these are perfect. These clever cleaning concentrates contain good bacteria & enzymes and effectively digest any organic matter. A deep clean is achieved by enzymes & fermentation. Fermentation extracts produced by the bacteria provide immediate cleaning, dissolving dirt & grime.

The natural bacteria get into porous surfaces, digesting dirt which eliminates odours. They continue to clean for days after use.

  • The cleaners are vegan and 100% biodegradable

  • The concentrates come in tidy little 50ml bottles and make 1 litre

  • Plant based bio-degradable natural dyes used for the colour

  • Mild citrus scent



  1. Zymomonas Mobilis, Plant alcohol

  2. Plant based alcohol Non-ionic surfactant

  3. Lactic Acid (plant derivative)

  4. C9-11 Emulsifying agent



15% recycled glass and 85% virgin glass

100% recycled kraft paper with soy ink


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