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NEW Classic Sports Cap | One Green Bottle | 100% Leakproof | BPA Free


Why we love it!

  • One Green Bottles best cap ever!
  • Fully leak proof when closed!
  • Great for big thirst quenching glugs!
  • Wide spout makes it easy to clean
  • Can be used with or without the straw
  • Made from BPA/BPS free non leaching polypropylene
  • 100% plastic free packaging
  • From a Certified B Corp Company


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The new and improved Classic Sports Cap for your One Green Bottle

This is One Green Bottles best cap ever! It has been updated to be even more fabulous. This cap no longer has the built in handle and the tab on the spout is reduced to minimise breakages. The spout is larger for even faster flow. The cap is all BPS/BPA free and non leaching polypropylene with food grade silicone air valve and seal. Great for big thirst quenching glugs and totally leak proof when closed! Quieter than other caps and because of its wide spout it is easy to clean. Dishwasher clean in top drawer or hand wash and use a pipe cleaner or small bottle brush to clean out the spout. Use with or without a straw and its fast flow air valve means that you can even pour water from the spout.

If you choose not to use the cap with the internal straw you need to tip the bottle to sip. If using with the internal straw do NOT tip to sip. Don’t throw the internal straw away but keep it as a useful reusable straw.

NOTE Quench straws do NOT fit this cap – Supplied with a clear silicone straw, longer length – please trim down to size. THIS CAP DOES NOT FIT THE LIFE COLLECTION BOTTLES. This cap fits the Classic curvy, classic tough, evolution and classic vacuum bottle types

100% recyclable polypropylene


For every single One Green Bottle sold, 25 plastic bottles are reclaimed from the ocean.

One Green Bottle are a Certified B Corp with a clear mission – to produce sustainable reusable alternatives to plastic single-use bottles, ethically & with purpose. That way you have high quality, reliable, safe & affordable bottles with a conscience.

They insist on no plastic waste throughout their entire production cycle.

One Green Bottle only use the highest quality 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel so there are no chemicals leaching into our drinks from plastics. Stainless steel has been tested and trusted to be toxin free, non leaching, odour and taste free, recyclable, robust for continued usage as well as being easy to clean. The sports caps are made from BPA/BPS free non leaching polypropylene.

Better for our planet, better for your life. And if you look after your bottle it will have a very long life!


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