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Stainless Steel Spork with Cork Sleeve | Elephant Box | 100% Plastic Free & Zero Waste


Why we love it!

  • 100% food grade stainless steel
  • Rust proof and dishwasher safe
  • Small enough to keep in your pocket!
  • Plastic-free with cork sleeve
  • Extremely tough and durable
  • The perfect reusable alternative to plastic disposable cutlery

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The perfect reusable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic cutlery!

Some sporks are all compromise and no function. We compacted the length of ours without compromising the width or depth of the spoon & fork. With this spork in your bag you’ll be ready for anything – including soup 🙂

A premium food grade stainless steel spork that comes with its own stylish cork sleeve bag making it great for transporting the spork – especially once dirty. It’s been designed to be compact to easily fit into your pocket or bag while on the go while still maintaining the same functionality as larger cutlery. Since it’s made from stainless steel instead of plastic, it is much more durable and tough, not showing signs of wear easily. It can also be washed easily to stay fresh and high quality for as long as possible. Stainless steel is rust resistant and dishwasher safe.

Shorter than a ballpoint pen & weighing only 28 grams, you won’t even notice it in your bag or pocket. It’ll also come in pretty handy for any camping trips you’ve got planned.

Packaging: Recyclable card label



‘Plastic is a problem — we started Elephant Box to be part of the solution.

Overconsumption is harming our planet, which is why it’s our mission to provide you with reusable products that are useful, beautiful & durable — giving you a reason to buy better and to buy less. We promise everything we make at Elephant Box will last you a lifetime, and you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’ve chosen to reduce your waste. Our products are designed to replace disposables and plastic — helping you reduce the rubbish you create. By taking your own lunch with you, you’ll be healthier, save money & waste less single-use packaging.

As a brand, our mission is to combat plastic pollution and to help influence changes towards increased sustainability and ethical production methods and beyond that we recognise the impact that businesses have on the planets delicate ecosystems, we want to support the campaigners innovators and change makers working to protect our planet, this is why we’ve pledged to give back 1% of our sales to organisations doing just that.


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